Mimi Mbegbu
Research Associate II

Starting from a pre-medical background, I received my bachelors in Biomedical Science, Chemistry, and Psychology from Northern Arizona University (NAU). Since graduating, I worked with labs of various backgrounds throughout the years and expanded my skill set. I am experienced in proteomics, molecular biology, Next Generation Sequencing methods, viral production, basic histology, and immunofluorescence. I now utilize these skills to assist the Barthel lab in achieving our goal of understanding the effects of telomere dysfunction on gene regulation and glioma formation.

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for most of my life, but I love escaping to the woods of Flagstaff whenever I can. I enjoy stargazing, camping, gardening, PC games, petting dogs, and sleeping in until 11am on Saturdays. I am not the biggest fan of running or intense exercise, but I will happily take long walks around the city if food is involved.