the barthel laboratory

Welcome to the Barthel Laboratory. Set to the backdrop of the stunning Sonoran Desert, we study the role of telomere dysfunction in brain cancer (glioma) development and evolution. We are a part of the Cancer and Cell Biology Division at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and the Department of Computational and Quantitative Medicine (DCQM) at the Beckman Research Institute (BRI) at City of Hope (COH).

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We are actively looking for new graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staff to join our team. Please click here for more information.

We reached a first milestone: the lab is officially one year old! We decided to go out for lunch to celebrate.
Posted 30 Sep 2022 by Floris Barthel
Thanks to the invitation of Dr. Sadhan Majumder I had the opportunity to teach at this year’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Brain Tumor course. The students and faculty were outstanding: everyone was fully engaged and embracing every opportunity to learn new things.
Posted 08 Aug 2022 by Floris Barthel
The lab was overdue a new photo so we asked Jeff Watkins to help us out and shoot us some new ones. Thanks Jeff!
Posted 08 Jun 2022 by Floris Barthel
The spring weather in Phoenix has been incredible. Had the chance to take the lab and friends out for dinner at Pemberton, which is a hip food truck venue just a few minutes walking from the lab. Great times. Need to start taking photos more often though, because I missed out on documenting several other of these fun social events we had!
Posted 25 Feb 2022 by Floris Barthel
Open - Posted 24 Feb 2022