the barthel laboratory

Welcome to the Barthel Laboratory. Set to the backdrop of the stunning Sonoran Desert in Arizona, we utilize state-of-the-art genomic approaches such as long-read sequencing and spatial transcriptomics to study the development and evolution of glial brain tumors (gliomas). The lab has a particular interest in the fundamental role of telomere dysfunction in tumor development, but is generally interested in all aspects of tumor evolution. Other interests include (but are not limited to) longitudinal studies of therapy response assessed by genomic analyses of tissue samples and liquid biopsies.

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The team took a break at the Diamondbacks game. Although unfortunately we did not score a win, we still had a great time!
Posted 07 Jul 2023 by Floris Barthel
Part of the lab traveled to Cold Spring Harbor, New York to attend the Telomeres & Telomerase meeting.
Posted 02 May 2023 by Floris Barthel
We reached a first milestone: the lab is officially one year old! We decided to go out for lunch to celebrate.
Posted 30 Sep 2022 by Floris Barthel
Thanks to the invitation of Dr. Sadhan Majumder I had the opportunity to teach at this year’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Brain Tumor course. The students and faculty were outstanding: everyone was fully engaged and embracing every opportunity to learn new things.
Posted 08 Aug 2022 by Floris Barthel