About This Site


This website is intended to communicate the scientific vision and work of the barthel lab with prospective team members, patients, funding agencies, press and others who may be interested. We welcome questions, comments, feedback and suggestions and encourage anyone to reach out with us directly here.

Source code and design

The site borrows code from that of Trevor Bedford deployed at bedford.io. Elements of the design were adopted from the Riggleman lab website and the Drummond Lab website. Many thanks to Samir Amin for many tips and feedback while designing this site, including but not limited to adding Twitter Cards and Opengraph support.

Updates are pushed to Github and continously built and deployed online via the (free) Netlify service. Like its precursors, the source code for this site is publicly available on Github and is placed under the MIT license. If you end up using any elements unique to this implementation, I’d love to hear about it so please reach out to let me know and/or drop a link back to barthel-lab.com!