Manasa Iyer
Helios Scholar

I am a recent graduate from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, minor in Business, and certificate in Evolutionary Medicine presently working towards earning my M.S. in Molecular & Cellular Biology at the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center. My research interests lie at the intersection of evolutionary theory, cancer biology, and bioinformatics, and I am excited to further explore these disciplines through investigating the role of telomere dysfunction in glioma evolution at the Barthel Lab.

As an aspiring physician, I’m passionate about gaining an interdisciplinary understanding of translational research and precision medicine, with the ultimate intent of improving the quality-of-life outcomes of diverse populations afflicted with complex diseases.

Having grown up in Arizona, I enjoy serving the Greater Phoenix Area through a variety of volunteer, clinical, community outreach, and mentorship roles. In my free time, I love long-distance running, reading just about anything, and exploring everything Arizona has to offer!