Abubakr El Sobky
Research Intern

I am currently a rising junior on the premedical track at Connecticut College and a Computational Biology and Bioinformatics major. As an aspiring physician-scientist, I am eager to capitalize on novel computational techniques to address biological challenges with the aim of improving human health. Last year, I worked as a research intern with Dr. Sahar Al Seesi at Southern Connecticut State University, where I utilized machine learning techniques to tackle address bias against underrepresented U12-intron subtypes in current genome annotations.

Currently, I am working as a research intern at the Barthel Laboratory to investigate the distribution of extra-telomeric telomere repeats. The aim of my project is to dig deeper into the surrounding sequence context and evolutionary conservation to gain more insights into the biological background of the extra-telomeric telomere repeats.

Outside of the realms of academia, I like running, hiking, and outdoor adventures. I also like landscape photography and travelling.